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How to get a Creative Credit Card

Creative Credit cards are available to all young people who have either achieved or are working towards an Arts Award qualification. The scheme gives access to exclusive offers from arts

organisations across the city. 


If you have an Arts Award qualification or are working towards one you can get access to exclusive offers, such as reduced ticket prices, free entry to events, backstage tours and more by becoming a Creative Credit card holder.


You can NOW submit your form online. Online forms do not need your signature or that of your Arts Award Adviser (if current).  Its quicker and easier to do online... so apply today!


Fill in the form to apply for your FREE Creative Credit Card!

You must be 11 or above to get a Creative Credit Card and working towards an Arts Award. Please tell a parent or carer you are applying for a Creative Credit Card. Always let a parent or carer know what you are doing on the internet! Your card should take about a week to arrive.


What is a Creative Credit Card?

Filter gives you access to tons of events and activities going on across the city and in your area. Creative Credit Card is the young person's Culture Card and will not only give you access to events but will gain you some pretty cool discounts and VIP offers that only card holders can get.

What you can do with your card

Show your Creative Credit Card to get into Cultural events during the school holidays and to get discounted activities at venues across the city. Filter will in the future offers discounts at selected shops, restaurants and visitor attractions across the city.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Creative Credit Cards are only valid if presented by the named card holder.
  2. The Creative Credit Card remains the property of Birmingham City Council, who reserve the right to decline issue or withdraw the card at any time.
  3. The card remains valid for the duration of the Creative Credit Card scheme or until the expiry date shown on the card.
  4. The Creative Credit Card must be presented to claim a Creative Credit offer or discount.
  5. All Creative Credit offers are liable to withdrawal and subject to the availability and the terms and conditions of the service provider.
  6. Birmingham City Council accepts no liability for any loss, damage or disappointment at all you may suffer arising out of your membership of the Creative Credit Card scheme except where such loss, damage or disappointment has arisen through any breach by the council of the terms of the Creative Credit Card scheme.
  7. Birmingham City Council in no way endorses or accepts liability for any non Birmingham City Council products or services offered under the Creative Credit Card scheme.
  8. Birmingham City Council reserves the right to refuse issue of a Creative Credit Card and to withdraw a Creative Credit Card if misused.
  9. The information you provide on this application form will be held on computer and paper files.
  10. The information held by Creative Credit Card will not be given or sold to any other organisations without your permission.
  11. Birmingham City Council may from time to time send you information and offers about events
  12. and services of interest to Creative Credit Card holders, along with discounts and special deals.

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Want discounts at sport centres and entertainment venues around Birmingham? Sign up for a free Creative Credit Card today!

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